I think the word BLOG has a very unattractive aura to it. It oozes boredom and drudgery. Looks obese.  Tastes like boiled dumplings without salt.  If you think I’m on a downer you’re right.  A friend has covid – bollix! Discovering a new artist has made me cry – bollix!  The plumber and the decorator have more worthy (or wealthy) customers than me – bollix!  This second blog is trudging down the route of a boring, big fat dumpling. But that would be the wrong way for my readers, so it’s up hill from here on!

Have you come across Heloise Adelaide Litissier? She is my new discovery and has blown me away.  Literally, up and down the floor boards in the garden room, fluffing up the wool rug while I dance in step with her unique, compelling moves.  My favourite song is Tilted – called Christine originally.  I tell you she oozes love and sex and freedom and it has nothing to do with genre or stereotypes – if you watch her you won’t think about unsalted dumplings, she will make you dance with your soul. If you are interested check out Christine and the Queens.  I make a promise here and now, when I am more familiar with the moves I will dance on video and post it here!


I’ll never know how long it would have taken me to click that I was a writer and had the traits of one; being alone but not lonely, preferring reading to watching and writing to talking, because covid brought the knowledge and acceptance to me – fortunately, without its deadly germs so far.  Armed with my new awareness I have learned to say ‘no’ and I’m getting the hang of using it nicely.  I sit here looking about me.  Such change in the world is hard to believe but many things will be for the better, and as every diddly one of these changes sits with humans, I hope we embrace the responsibility.

Whoever called it a BLOG anyway?