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09-Jan Wednesday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Meet the Author – E. Rachael Hardcastle Harrogate Library
19-Jan Saturday Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators North East – New Year Social Gathering York Explore Library
23-Jan Wednesday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Meet the Author – Ava Manello Harrogate Library
02-Feb Saturday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – York Chapter Meet up York
06-Feb Wednesday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Meet the Author – Darren Walker Harrogate Library
09-Feb Saturday North East Author and Readers – Q1 Meet up Town Wall Newcastle
19-Feb Tuesday St Peter’s School Children’s Story Time and Creative Activity Harrogate Library
20-Feb Wednesday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Meet the Author – Angela Wren Harrogate Library
02-Mar Saturday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Member Skills Workshop – Selling Your Book and Social Media Tricks Knaresborough Library
09-Mar Saturday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – York Chapter Meet up York
19-Mar Tuesday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Harrogate Chapter Meet up Harrogate
20-Mar Wednesday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Meet the Author – Kelly Marsden Harrogate Library
22-Mar Friday York Theatre Royal – Kate Mosse – The Burning Chambers St Peter’s School York
24-Mar Sunday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Book Sale York Explore Library
01-Apr Monday Research
02-Apr Tuesday Research
03-Apr Wednesday Research
04-Apr Thursday Research
05-Apr Friday Research
06-Apr Saturday Research
07-Apr Sunday Research
08-Apr Monday Research
09-Apr Tuesday Research
10-Apr Wednesday Research
11-Apr Thursday Research
12-Apr Friday Research
13-Apr Saturday Research
14-Apr Sunday Research
15-Apr Monday Research
16-Apr Tuesday Research
17-Apr Wednesday Research
18-Apr Thursday Research
19-Apr Friday Research
20-Apr Saturday Research
21-Apr Sunday Research
22-Apr Monday Research
23-Apr Tuesday Research
24-Apr Wednesday Research
25-Apr Thursday Research
26-Apr Friday Research
27-Apr Saturday Research
28-Apr Sunday Research
29-Apr Monday Research
30-Apr Tuesday Research
01-May Wednesday Research
02-May Thursday Research
03-May Friday Research
04-May Saturday Research
05-May Sunday Research
06-May Monday Research
07-May Tuesday Research
08-May Wednesday Promoting Yorkshire Authors – Meet the Authors for Just a Minute! Northallerton Library
09-May Thursday Free
10-May Friday Free
11-May Saturday Free
12-May Sunday Free
13-May Monday Free
14-May Tuesday Free
15-May Wednesday Free
16-May Thursday Free
17-May Friday Research
18-May Saturday Research
19-May Sunday Research
20-May Monday Research
21-May Tuesday Research
22-May Wednesday Research
23-May Thursday Research
24-May Friday Research
25-May Saturday Research
26-May Sunday Research
27-May Monday Research
28-May Tuesday Research
29-May Wednesday Research
30-May Thursday Research
31-May Friday Research
01-Jun Saturday Research
02-Jun Sunday Research
03-Jun Monday Research
04-Jun Tuesday Research
05-Jun Wednesday Research
06-Jun Thursday Research
07-Jun Friday Research
08-Jun Saturday Research
09-Jun Sunday Research
10-Jun Monday Research
11-Jun Tuesday Research
12-Jun Wednesday Research
13-Jun Thursday Research
14-Jun Friday Research
15-Jun Saturday Research
16-Jun Sunday Research
17-Jun Monday Research
18-Jun Tuesday Research
19-Jun Wednesday Research
20-Jun Thursday Research
21-Jun Friday Research
22-Jun Saturday Research
23-Jun Sunday Research
24-Jun Monday Research
25-Jun Tuesday Research
26-Jun Wednesday Research
27-Jun Thursday Free
28-Jun Friday Free
29-Jun Saturday Free
30-Jun Sunday Free
01-Jul Monday Free
02-Jul Tuesday Free
03-Jul Wednesday Free
04-Jul Thursday Free
05-Jul Friday Free
06-Jul Saturday Free

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