Charlie Crumb as he is this Thursday.

Name – Charlie Crumb (last known as Charlie Jones, formerly known as Charlie Baker, now definitely – currentlyCharlie Crumb.  Googley verified as the only Charlie Crumb with an Aunty Viv.

Age –  10 and 9 months – currently.  Formerly 11 and 9 months.

Hair – light brown with all follicles growing in an upward direction – this is an unchanging factDefinitely.

Eyes – blue with inquisitive crinkles at the sides.

Face – freckled from May to September.

Arms and legs – alarmingly white due to enforced application of sun protection factor 50 sprays.  Cream applications would definitely be worse.

Height – currently on the short side but will definitely be taller after the next growth spurt. 




Coming soon…

A word or two about Aunty Viv.

Coming soon…

A few thoughts on Uncle Al.

Coming soon…

Why bunions matter.

Coming soon…

Why families matter more.

Coming soon…

In the great scheme of things, friends are friends.

Coming soon…

A pencil drawing of Charlie.  When you see him, I’d love to hear if you think he looks like…  well, Charlie Crumb!