The Miss Pickle Picture Book Series

Welcome to the dizzy world of Miss Pickle, the funniest witch ever.

She’s unique, she’s bonkers and she’s the one to watch when she gets her magic washer out!

Join her, Nutmeg, the cat and Pepper, the mouse on one of their hilarious adventures.

Miss Pickle a Dizzy Witch

Miss Pickle loves making spells in her magic house at the end of Parsley Lane, but today Nutmeg, her black cat, is missing.  Can she and Pepper make a spell to find him?  Her little brown mouse, is worried… what if it all goes horribly wrong?

Amazon Customer Review: 11 July 2017

 Charming and funny, kids will love it!



Miss Pickle’s Royal Surprise

When Miss Pickle receives a tea party invitation from Queen Ethel, she is far too excited to wait for the magic washer to be fixed before spinning spells.

No wonder the magic doesn’t go according to plan! But Miss Pickle decides to fly to the party in the bikini she magicked up instead of a dress, and takes soggy jam tarts as a surprise for the Queen. So why does Queen Ethel think this is the best tea party ever?

Amazon Customer Review: 5 December 2018

  Loved this second instalment of the Miss Pickle series! Miss Pickle is back to her dizzy spell making, and the spells are still backfiring with hilarious results. Queen Ethel is definitely in for a Royal Surprise! With vibrant drawings, that further enhance the humour in the book, this is one that the picture book crowd will enjoy!

12 September 2019 – Miss Pickle in Space is still in celestial orbit! Getting into space was one thing but getting her back is a very tricky business. She didn’t help when she did a detour around the Milky Way, which as you know is mind bogglingly big but I’ve just received a communication that she will be re-entering the earth’s atmosphere in time to publish the third story before Christmas.

I’m counting down to publication day and BLAST OFF!!!


Miss Pickle in Space

When Miss Pickle, Nutmeg and Pepper zoom into space they get more twirly whirly fun than they bargained for, but be prepared for trouble with smashing METEOROIDS, cosmic BLACK HOLES and gigantic SPACE JUNK MOUNTAINS!

How will Miss Pickle find a safe way home again?